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A rundown of the best Black Friday campaigns

It’s a time marketers dread and brands rely on. The lowest prices, the biggest deals, the coolest creatives, the quirkiest campaigns… it must be Black Friday!

Here are 3 of the best black Friday campaigns executed in recent years.

The best Black Friday campaigns by Pieminister, Lush, and Asda

  1. Pieminister

What did they do?

Last year, the much-loved Northern pie shop celebrated Black Friday by exchanging pies for donations, which were given to a homeless charity. The campaign was called `Black Pie Day (Not Black Friday)`.

Why did they succeed?

Pieminister chose to raise money for charity on (arguably) the most profitable day of the year. Enough said… well-played brand activity!

  1. Lush

What did they do?

In 2016, Lush.com executed their `#KeepItOn` campaign in collab with Access Now, a digital rights organisation. This was an online fight to keep the internet up and running in countries with limited democracy.

Why did they succeed?

Lush stayed true to their brand by creating noise around environmental issues, rather than using Black Friday to sell solid shampoo and bath bombs. An impressive brand piece that we bet increased the sales of their all-vegan and eco-friendly bath products.

  1. Asda

What did they do?

Asda’s 30 second Black Friday ad, `Mannequin Challenge`, saw customers freezing like human statues in the middle of the meat aisle. The ad was inspired by Black Friday events in 2013/2014, where shoppers wrestled over legs of San Jamon.

Why did they succeed?

The supermarket giant drew upon a negative Black Friday experience and highlighted how silly it was that shoppers fought over their bargain products. This ad may as well have said, “We know it got out of control, it won’t happen again. Come and shop with us this Black Friday – no ham-related injuries included!”

Other jaw-dropping Black Friday marketing ideas

Cosmetics, electronics, and clothing brands generally generate the most impressive results on Black Friday; with Curry’s, Argos, Zara, and Amazon the most frequently searched for ahead of the four-day long event. We’d recommend checking these brands out for more inspiring Black Friday marketing ideas!

Hungry for Black Friday ad ideas?

Each year the UK public spends billions on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. For more quick tips and Black Friday ad ideas, get in touch with our expert team here.

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