Client: Capital Construction Safety


We’ve recently acquired a specialist consultancy brand called Capital Construction Safety; they provide corporate training services to those working in – yes, you’ve guessed it – the construction industry! Our lovely client wanted a smart, informative website with no extra fluff… complete with web pages built for easy user experience and contact forms made to convert. And that’s exactly what they got! From brief to go live, it took our in-house web design team 1 week to deliver Capital Construction Safety’s new website.

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The brief: A sleek, conversion optimised website with client-led content

Client-led content creation


Once the cogs were in motion for the backend & design of the website, our web design team communicated detailed briefs to our content lady. The webpages, landing pages, and other types of on-site copy we created mirrored the feel of the website – sleek, informative, and optimised for conversion. We figured their target audience would (mostly) know what they wanted when they visited the site via a landing page, so we focused heavily on call-to-actions and delving more into specific services, rather than inviting the client to explore the entire website. Highly targeted content with fewer options to digress=conversion breeding ground.

The proof’s in the pudding!

To view our website design, UX planning, and content creation work for Capital Construction Safety, view our Project Gallery below.

Client Testimonial:


“Thank you to Caroline and the team at Burst for the quick turnaround on my brief.”

Mark DobsonDirector | Capital Construction Safety