Client: Dyslexia Sparks


Burst Creatives Ltd was delighted to have been chosen to develop a captivating website for Dyslexia Sparks, coinciding with their new office opening at Dunston House on April 21, 2023.

We are delighted to present a user-friendly website that effectively showcases Dyslexia Sparks’ services and provides a dedicated space for producing engaging and informative blogs for SEO purposes.

The new website has been meticulously designed to offer a clear and intuitive browsing experience for visitors. Our team at Burst Creatives Ltd has implemented a clean and modern layout that ensures easy navigation and quick access to the valuable services Dyslexia Sparks provides.

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The brief: design a streamlined and elegant website that offers effortless navigation, intuitive menus, and readily accessible information

Mobile optimisation


We are pleased to share our accomplishment in developing both the desktop and mobile versions of the website for Dyslexia Sparks. Our team has invested meticulous effort into crafting a cohesive online presence that seamlessly adapts to various devices and screen sizes.

By prioritizing responsive design principles, we ensure that visitors to the Dyslexia Sparks website experience consistent functionality and visual appeal, regardless of the platform they choose to access it from. This approach not only enhances user satisfaction but also reinforces the organization’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. We are proud to have brought this project to fruition and to have provided Dyslexia Sparks with an engaging and user-friendly website that caters to the diverse needs of their audience.

The proof’s in the pudding!

To view our portfolio for Dyslexia Sparks, click on our Project Gallery below.

Client Testimonial:


“Caroline and the team at Burst Creatives have done a FANTASTIC job in creating our charity's new website. Caroline has listened to us from the beginning, taken on board our needs, and used her knowledge to offer her own ideas to make sure our website does exactly what it needs to. She has really gone above and beyond to support us in getting the content ready. The end result is a website which is informative, easy to use, and sends exactly the right message about our charity. Thanks from all the team at Dyslexia Sparks!

Once my website was live Caroline helped create my Business Facebook account to help with creating Facebook/Instagram adverts to drive additional traffic to my website.”

Jane CraigFounding Director| Dyslexia Sparks