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Last month, our SEO team celebrated hitting 600 clicks from Google Search on behalf of our specialist construction client. Since commencing work with them, we’ve increased their organic CTR (click-through rate, or how many potential customers click on their website from Google) by a whopping 307% year-on-year, propelling their organic web clicks to 600 per month (approx.).

How our SEO team achieved the results

Here’s some insight into the techniques we used over a 12mo period to boost this niche client’s website traffic.

  1. A detailed long-term blog strategy;
  2. Hours of thorough keyword research;
  3. Identifying up and coming search terms;
  4. Delivering SEO optimised blogs with Google’s preferences in mind (such as word count);
  5. Working closely with our client to gain specialist industry knowledge;
  6. If you want to know more, give us a quick call on 01482 647157.

The power of organic

The techniques we use to leverage demonstratable organic marketing results are plentiful, but they take time. SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) work doesn’t show overnight – but once your optimisation opportunities are mapped out and you begin to make those changes, you’ll be taking the first steps in future-proofing your marketing strategy and saving hundreds of pounds per month on generating those customers. What’s more, organic customers will take a more informed journey (such as enquiring after reading a blog or a detailed webpage), so you can assume they’ll be ready to enquire or purchase as soon as the enquiry is picked up

Achieve incredible organic results today

Eager to drastically lower your marketing costs, while securing a constant flow of high-quality customer enquiries?


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