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Coming to our clients new and old! Our content specialists at Burst Creatives are now offering 1-2-1 SEO training. Contact us today to book your FREE consultation.

What’s on the agenda?

Our 1-2-1 SEO training includes:

  1. A full audit of your current SEO strategy
  2. An analysis of your SEO efforts to date and where your business sits organically compared to competitors
  3. A review of current web content, with guidance on how you can continually optimise it for search
  4. Practical guidance on how to structure your blog section with search in mind, along with advice on how to write, structure, and optimise your blog posts.
  5. A complete overview of keyword research and how to use keywords within your content
  6. How best to structure URLs, ensuring they’re user-friendly (and Google-friendly!)
  7. An introduction to Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  8. An introduction to cutting-edge tools that our content specialists use every day
  9. And much more


Why have SEO training?

Here are some reasons we’ve prioritised, but there are many more…

  • Learn how to lower your overall marketing costs
  • Get ahead of your competitors and ensure customers land on your site/ads instead of theirs
  • Increase your web traffic and organic performance
  • Keep ahead of industry trends
  • Learn how to cope with potentially harsh hits from Google algorithm changes
  • Discover ways to stand out
  • Know how to future-proof your online presence

How much does it cost?

Our 1-2-1 SEO training package starts at just £75, however, the price for your business specifically will be discussed during your free consultation.

What’s my first step?

If you’re interested in lowering marketing costs and future-proofing your existing efforts, SEO training is the ideal business investment to make this year. To take your first step, simply book your free consultation now.

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