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WordPress has been around since 2003, but we still find ourselves name-dropping WordPress at most client meetings.  And although it holds 60% market share of all CMS systems and is the bread & butter of 40% of all websites globally, WordPress remains the same humble, versatile, and easy-to-use CMS we’ve always known and loved. 

1. 40% of the world’s websites are built using WordPress

Although WordPress has been going for 17 years, it holds the title of being the most popular website builder. Thought about using Wix over WordPress? Might want to check the stats below first. Popularity isn’t everything, but there must be a reason (or 5 ?) that most websites in the world are built using WordPress.

Image ref: https://kinsta.com/wordpress-market-share/

2. WordPress has a free version – and it’s all you need

Unlike other platforms, WordPress is free unless you choose to upgrade or buy plug-ins. Any business can easily build & design a free WordPress site without feeling restricted.

3. WordPress has plug-ins for everything

The free WordPress themes and WordPress plug-ins are arguably WP’s top selling point. There’s a widget for everything you could want on a website, and they’re easy to acquire. There’s no coding involved in the themes, either. Speaking of making our lives easier – WordPress is also integrated with the best platforms in the industry – Mailchimp, HubSpot, Facebook, GA, Monster Insights… the list goes on. 

4. You’ll find the best eCommerce features on WordPress (like WooCommerce)

Although most people think of WordPress as a blog website, that’s not all it’s good for. WordPress has a wealth of brilliant eCommerce features and plug-ins which are ideal for online shops to use. We frequently use WooCommerce plug-ins, like the membership plug-in and bespoke subscription packages plug-in.

5. WordPress makes SEO easy

WordPress makes easy work of the more technical aspects of marketing like optimising on-site copy. We use an SEO plug-in called YOAST, which scores your copy’s optimisations and gives you prompts on which words/sentences/paragraphs need swapping. 

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