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We all know and love HubSpot for the daily dose of relevant, insightful, and jargon-free news it serves us. But what about HubSpot’s pro sales & marketing tool – HubSpot CRM? Is it any cop, despite sharing a table with some tough industry-trusted competitors? Here’s our 4 favourite HubSpot CRM features – we’ll let you decide its worth. 

#1: HubSpot CRM has website integration

Now, we’d say website integration is a given rather than a benefit…but we’re happy it exists nonetheless! As you’d expect, HubSpot CRM’s web integration includes alerting you when a lead pops through and lets you know which pages they’ve explored so you can follow their interest through while they’re still hot. Oh, and it integrates well with most marketing channels like social and emails too. 

#2: HubSpot CRM is easy to use

HubSpot’s CRM dashboard is fairly self-explanatory, and you don’t need to have a background in marketing to make heads or tails of it. This saves small-medium businesses BAGS of time… no more lending your marketing staff to the sales team for impromptu training! There is also room to add call notes to client records and an option to email them directly through the CRM. 

#3: HubSpot CRM is free

Unlike its pricy competitors (Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, cough cough), HubSpot CRM is a free tool; not a free trial, not a limited free package…the entire tool is free! There are four types of functionalities included:

  1. Marketing tools like forms, landing pages, and Ad management
  2. Sales tools such as live chat and quotes
  3. Services tools including ticketing and calling
  4. Operations tools like data sync and App integrations

For a list of HubSpot’s functionalities, see here

#4: HubSpot CRM gives real-time updates every 10 mins

If there’s one thing that makes business churn quickly and easily – it’s when those leads keep on coming! Luckily, HubSpot CRM’s `real-time update` synchronises every 10 mins, meaning marketing & sales can access new prospects pretty much as soon as they come in. No-lag-leads.

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