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As a business owner, you know that all of your marketing activity needs to be reaching your target audience. This revolves around quality over quantity, as a hundred genuine enquiries are far more valuable than a thousand web hits that fail to convert into a sale. 

Determining your target audience can cover multiple factors. The usual questions are in regards to gender, age, profession, location and household income bracket. However, it can go much further in-depth than this depending on the product or service, such as a green energy supplier targeting people who are interested in environmental responsibility, or an independent bakery reaching out to people who follow a vegan or gluten free diet. This insight is one of the first things that we ask you about your business, as the more intricately we understand its core values and future goals, the more effectively we can deliver brand design that catches the eye and encourages the following of a call to action.

Another absolutely crucial part of the brand design process is creating a visual identity that not only reflects your business, but which is also unique and doesn’t resemble any others. This is easier said than done, as all it takes is a certain style of font, colour palette or general aesthetic that looks similar to that of another company and suddenly problems can arise. To prevent this, extensive research is required alongside a range of brand design concepts, which is something that Burst Creatives excels at delivering. 

There are numerous other principles to take into account too, from an appropriate and memorable brand name, to a content strategy that is clear and consistent yet leaves space for flexibility and imagination. Then there’s ensuring that the brand design works seamlessly across all forms of digital and printed platforms, which we’ll talk about in a future post.

Are you launching a new business or enhancing an existing one? Get in touch with us today on 01482 647157 or email [email protected] for a friendly chat about all things brand design.

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