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Attracting new customers is about so much more than launching a website. Sure – a beautifully designed, easy-to-navigate site with lots of smart features and bold CTAs will get you a little traction. But being brutally honest, you can have the best website in the world but it’s essentially useless without a customer acquisition strategy. If you’ve been in charge of your business’s marketing efforts for a while, then the need to invest in lead generation activity won’t come as a surprise to you. But what might, is the idea that customer acquisition actually has three steps, and not two!

1. Create a stunning, fit-for-purpose website = lead generation opportunity

2. Set up well targeted campaigns that are capable of getting the right marketing messages to the right audiences at the right times = actual lead generation activity

3. Tracking and analysing leads who didn’t become leads, but showed interest in your website = the opportunity to regain lost leads and retarget, thus squeezing more out of your budget and maximising sales.

Acquiring new customers is all about the journey; first you offer your product or service with your target audience in mind, then you need to get your audience to your offering at a time they want it, and then you might go that step further to keep those customers `warm` and interested.

How to create that full customer acquisition journey

At Burst, we ❤ to use a lead analytics tool called Lead Forensics. Not only does it tell you what happens to your customers once they hit your site, but it tells you all about them once they’ve left. Kind of like the virtual version of accidentally leaving a business card on your desk. Using Lead Forensics is part and parcel of what we offer our clients after we’ve built their shiny new website. Here’s a few reasons why we rate it…

1. Lead Forensics tracks in real-time, and its dashboard makes it super quick and easy to view data from every channel so you can plan your next marketing move in minutes.

2. Lead Forensics leaves no lead untracked; it allows you to capture info on web visitors even if they didn’t leave their contact details (such as a form fill) on your website.

3. Lead Forensics gives you extra data, like company names, job titles, and contact details for employees in various departments so you can retarget and re-sell to the right person without any additional work.

4. Lead Forensics makes retargeting easy. You can retarget web visitors for up to 90 days after they’ve browsed your site. Discount to tempt them back, anyone?

Burst knows how to work the full funnel

If you’re after a shiny new website complete with a continuously optimised lead generation plan, get in touch with our team at Burst today.

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