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Cutting Marketing Budgets during Covid-19 Crisis? 

The world we currently live in is dominated by news of the global Coronavirus pandemic; brands and marketers are now facing TOUGH decisions about their online presence and digital campaigns.

Have you hit pause on marketing campaigns to save on your marketing budgets? As a marketer you may decide to stop PPC Campaigns and digital adverts to sell your current services. 

Are you feeling at a loss as to what to do? If you’re anything like me at Burst, you’ll find you rarely have the time to focus on improving your product offering.

Well, now is an chance to STOP, BREATHE and think longer term. Invest your time in focusing on how to exploit opportunities which will arrive post this pandemic. 

Time is priceless

Running your business, your time is stretched across all the day to day functions whilst ensuring you’re performing and delivering the returns to make it all worthwhile. However, you now have a rare opportunity to review your marketing strategy, understand what’s previously worked and areas which need your time and focus. 

You can use this downtime to research your competitors, review their recent marketing activities and understand what works for them. Start brain storming, get creative on new product offerings and campaigns, and get ready to go to market with both guns blazing when we all get back to business!

Read something which will get your engines burning…

I’ve recently read the book ‘Sell Like Crazy’ by Sabri Suby – I couldn’t put the book down. The book had some great truth telling marketing strategies which blow your mind… some are obvious but Suby spins them on their head and shows you how to implement them. 

Sabri Suby Claims:

‘This is the only book of its kind…. it will transform your entire business and your life, like it has mine’. 

Trust me, this book will inspire you to create a HUGE come back after this pandemic to beat your competitors and smash your marketing & sales targets. 

You can grab your free digital copy today – HERE 

Shoe string Marketing Budgets

Reading ‘Sell Like Crazy’ has really got my creative juices flowing, leading to me thinking about ways I can help you and your business thrive while reducing the cost of your marketing budget. Because let’s face the truth, during this pandemic we’re not generating sales and therefore our budgets have been cut… 

I’m currently writing a FREE Ebook which will have marketing strategies to help you grow your customer base, a FREE CRM tool, aid in creating tactics to engage with your customers using FREE email that integrates with CRM and start focusing on your buyer’s journey via Social Media advertisements. We can start putting together campaigns for your business and improve communications without spending a penny. 

In the short term the outlook may seem bleak but, in my opinion, the future is promising and exciting for us all! Watch this space …

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