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No matter how new or small your business, an expertly designed marketing strategy should be in place before you even start selling your products. If you’re already up and running, now’s the time to reassess how your marketing is performing and seek guidance on how everything can be unified under a clear action plan. Read on to find out why.

Brand identity

Lack of a strong, recognisable brand is a problem faced by many small businesses, especially those that are newly launched. Your brand isn’t just your logo and font, it covers everything from how your website looks and operates, to the wide-ranging content that you share with your target audience. Through a comprehensive marketing strategy, you achieve the peace of mind that all forms of activity are consistent and reflect your brand to maximum effect. 

Public awareness

Once your brand identity is established, you need to get it out there. With so much digital hustle and bustle, competition from similar companies and a resurgence of printed materials, there’s an awful lot of noise to cut through. That’s why your marketing strategy covers both the type of activity and exactly how to get it seen by the right people. For instance, some of our customers get the best results from Facebook advertising, whilst others find printed advertorial more fruitful, yet they all agree that a combination of platforms is key to success.

Social engagement

We’re living in a truly digital age, where brands that don’t have a heavy presence on social media channels are bound to fall behind their competitors. In fact, in 2017 Microsoft found that 63% of millennials begin their customer service interactions online and 93% of UK consumers expect a brand to have an online support portal (these figures have likely risen since then). This means that emails and phone calls simply won’t do the job anymore – an active and responsive social media presence could very well become your primary sales portal.

Leads, enquiries and sales

And of course, due to a comprehensive marketing strategy covering all bases and bringing the entirety of your promotional activity into alignment, your sales will increase as a result. This is because consumers want to buy from small businesses that they can immediately see are not only polished, reliable and communicative, but consistent in their messages and customer service. Ranging from printed materials to Instagram stories and powerful SEO to insightful blog posts, your marketing strategy is where all of this begins.

Find out more

Whatever level your small business is currently at, we’re here to offer you an all-inclusive design, web and marketing service that’s tailored to both your requirements and your budget. We’ve worked on projects for clients of all sizes, from large and established brands, to small start-ups sticking to a shoestring budget, enabling us to deliver a first-rate service to all types of businesses. For more info, get in touch with us today on 07482 292081 or email [email protected].

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